Our Services

We aim to provide our clients with high quality, reputable, scalable and sustainable scientific services at market-beating rates.

Food Analysis

Tokeid Biotech’s main method of animal product speciation is through DNA analysis, using technologies and techniques more conducive to low cost, high quality analyses. The platforms we offer are multiplex PCR and Next Generation Sequencing, and can provide qualitative and quantitative data on request.

Food Defence

Scientific strategies for detecting economically-motivated adulteration and food fraud, as recommended in the latest ISO 22000 standards, can be designed for the unique risks your company faces.


The latest DNA-based technologies can inform your risk-based strategies against food recalls due to safetly, quality or authenticity factors. Talk to us about how to make DNA-science work for you.

About Us

About Us

Tokeid Biotech is a food testing service geared towards detecting and identifying adulterants and/or contaminants in animal-derived products. We offer innovative, competitive services to any person or organisation with serious concerns about the content of the food they consume or transact with. We value integrity and transparency – and offer the means to ensure that those values are demonstrated in the industries we serve. Tokeid Biotech is located within the Center for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) in Cape Town, South Africa. The CPGR, with state-of-the-art technologies and first-rate research capabilities, has partnered with us to ensure all the benefits of cutting-edge innovation are delivered to our clients – we provide superior value at highly competitive rates. We are also partnered by the KAAF Trust and the MAZI Trust; and are endorsed by the Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust, the Islamic Council of South Africa and the World Halal Council.


Tokeid Biotech (PTY) Ltd is a service company with a primary focus on detecting food fraud, contamination and mislabeling of animal-derived products. We utilize state-of-the-art genomic analyses to provide a range of services such as food analysis, audits and final product testing to certifiers (Halal, Kosher, vegan,etc), food producers, the general public and retailers.

• We aim to provide our clients with high quality, reputable, scalable and sustainable scientific services at highly competitive rates.
• We aim to ensure transparency and integrity in animal-derived products, and compliance to national and international health regulations and standards.
• We believe in the adoption of quality standards and uncompromised adherence to food industry best practices.