At&T Contract Buyout 2021

If you`re tired of your current phone carrier and are looking for a new provider, you may want to consider switching to AT&T. Not only does the company offer a wide range of phone plans to fit every need, but they`re also offering a contract buyout deal to sweeten the pot.

The AT&T contract buyout deal allows customers to switch to AT&T and have their current carrier`s early termination fees and device payment balances paid off by AT&T. This offer is available to both new and existing customers who open a new line of service and purchase a new phone on an AT&T installment plan.

So, how does it work? First, you`ll need to visit an AT&T store or their website to see what phone plans are available in your area. Once you`ve found a plan that works for you, you`ll need to purchase a new phone on an installment plan. Next, you`ll need to submit your current carrier`s final bill, which should include any early termination fees or device payment balances.

AT&T will then review your bill and send you a Visa prepaid card within 90 days for the amount of your early termination fees and device payment balances, up to $650 per line. Keep in mind that this offer is limited to a maximum of five lines per account.

But is this deal really worth it? Well, that depends on your current carrier and your phone needs. If you`re unhappy with your current provider and have been considering switching to AT&T, then this deal can save you a lot of money. However, if you`re currently on a low-cost plan or have already paid off your device, then it may not be worth it to switch.

Additionally, it`s important to note that this offer only covers early termination fees and device payment balances. If you owe any other fees to your current carrier (such as late payment fees or overage charges), you`ll still be responsible for paying those.

Overall, the AT&T contract buyout deal is a great offer for those looking to switch to a new phone carrier. Just be sure to read the fine print and take into account your individual phone needs before making the switch.